John Barnes

Senior Engineer

Mr. Barnes is a mechanical engineer with extensive experience with expertise in evaluation measurement and verification (EM&V) of commercial, industrial, and agricultural programs across the United States. Some of his responsibilities have included ex-ante reviews, creating measurement and verification (M&V) plans, conducting site visits, performing data analysis, energy simulation, quality control (QC), M&V reporting, and providing technical support for clients.

As a Lead Engineer for the FirstEnergy Pennsylvania annual EM&V of custom, standard, new construction incentive programs in Pennsylvania, Mr. Barnes manages the above threshold ex-ante reviews, managing the completion of the sampled sites, creating measurement and verification plans, managing site visits including end-use metering, performing data analysis, energy simulation, QC, reporting, and providing technical support.

As Lead Engineer for California Energy Commission Load Shape Program , Mr. Barnes constructed commercial and residential prototypical building models in the simulation software, EnergyPlus, to auto-calibrate the models to billing data. Thousands of simulations were run, using R to run the DOE2 engine from the command line to execute the parametric runs. The combination of simulations which best fit the billing data is used to develop the load shape. After the models were auto-calibrated, EnergyPlus was used to calculate interactive effects and to simulate changes in load shapes given various energy saving retrofits.

Mr. Barnes earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at University California, Davis.

tel. (916) 363-8383