Innovative Energy Research and Evaluation for Utilities and Public Agencies throughout North America since 1979

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ADM has extensive experience in leading comprehensive, long-term energy program portfolio evaluation projects as well as shorter-term, focused evaluation studies of single programs.


ADM has substantial capabilities and experience in collecting and analyzing data on the energy use characteristics and practices of residential, commercial, and industrial customers.


ADM’s consultants offer proven expertise leading and facilitating communication between specific groups of regulators, utilities, consumer advocates, and other stakeholders.

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ADM's Innovations

ADM’s staff of engineers, social science researchers, and economists has developed innovative program evaluation strategies which have been presented at the International Energy Program Evaluation Conference (IEPEC) and other professional forums. Its multi-disciplinary staff facilitates efficient, comprehensive energy efficiency program evaluation.

In addition to performing comprehensive energy program evaluations, ADM also has conducted evaluations of emerging technologies, market assessments, provided energy program portfolio development support, and expert testimony on behalf of its many clients.

First Hourly Building Energy Simulation Model

ADM developed the first hourly building energy simulation model, based on DOE-2 algorithms.

Variable Base Degree Method

ADM developed the Variable Base Degree Method for the United States Department of Energy, cited by ASHRAE as a simplified method for calculation of energy use in residential buildings.

Methodologies for End-use Metering

ADM developed several state-of-the-art methodologies for conducting end-use metering, data retrieval, and data processing.

8,760 Hour Modeling System

ADM developed a system for modeling 8,760 hour, annual load shapes by end-use and building type.

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We are trusted by utilities and public agencies throughout North America.